Underlying Truth Revealed

The underlying truth of the world is revealed by the simplest things, the most mundane. Ergo, the artichoke: the most-exquisite of thistles, it hides a passionate heart under a wig of angel hair protected by a thorny crown.

This quest {a pilgrimage of sorts, along the Artichoke Way} will seek an unified spiritual theory: an accumulating account of the always-changing basis for understanding, or appreciating, our dilemma of self-awareness.

This is the first post.



About Wesley Pouliot

Writer-Photographer seeking wisdom to share. MA Contemplative Studies & Buddhism; BA Media Arts; Eagle Scout with Gold Palm. Appreciates critical thinking and wilderness.
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One Response to Underlying Truth Revealed

  1. Hi, this is the first comment.
    So let’s start over?
    Could there be anything new to say?
    I doubt it. Just browse all the other bs on spirituality…

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